Fees and rent

We seek to provide affordable accommodation to households in receipt of Housing Benefit, therefore, we would be seeking accommodation on or below Local Housing Allowance rates.

In return our fees are kept to an absolute minimum. The Tenant Finder service is free of charge and there is a small one off fee of £50 for the Assisted Lettings scheme.

For the managed service there is an annual payment of £240. 


As the landlord you decide how much rent you require for the property but we encourage landlords to set rents at a reasonable level in line with Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to help make tenancies sustainable and affordable for those on our housing list/homeless list. Read more on LHA for the Wyre Forest area. However, with regard to the Private Sector Leasing scheme, the payment to landlords will be set below the current Local Housing Allowance to reflect the benefits of the scheme to the landlord. 

Housing benefit

Not all tenants are in receipt of Universal Credit, but all potential tenants will go through a rigorous/robust assessment process to ensure the right tenant is matched to the right property. The process will include suitability and affordability assessments and support to ensure the tenant is in receipt of the correct benefits where applicable.