Our services

Tenant Finder

We will match a tenant to your property free of charge. There will be no advertising costs and the period the property will remain empty will be minimised saving you money. The potential tenant(s) will be referred to you for a decision.

The property will be advertised free of charge on our Home Choice Plus website.

Assisted Lettings

We will match a tenant to your property which meets their housing need and refer to you for a decision. We will also:

  • undertake reference checks
  • carry out accompanied views
  •  provide a tenancy agreement and any renewals,
  • assist with benefits claim,
  •  undertake an inventory with photographic evidence as well as a exit inspection

An affordability assessment will be undertaken to ensure that the property is sustainable.

Property Management Service 

We will manage properties on behalf of landlords. We will carry out the above under the Assisted Lettings scheme as well as the following:

  • Provide a rent collection service
  • Manage tenancy issues that arise
  • Liaise with the landlord or nominated agents to undertake repairs to the property
  • Undertake inspections of the property on a quarterly basis
  • Complete an exit inspection

Private Sector Leasing (PSL) Scheme

The PSL scheme will lease your property for a period of two years. You will receive a guaranteed monthly payment for the period of the lease regardless of whether it is occupied or not. At the end of the lease the property will be returned to you in the same condition as at the start of the lease minus fair wear and tear.

There will be:

  • No rent loss
  • No rent arrears
  • No Tenancy Deposit Scheme to bother with
  • Regular visits to the property
  • Housing management carried out by professionals including any complaints of ASB

You will be responsible for the repairs to the property however we will reimburse you for any damage caused by the tenant.

The agreed rent will be transferred by BACS transfer to your bank account on a monthly basis.

The following documents must also be provided:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Appropriate insurance cover
  • Lender approval


Property standards