Steps to letting your property

Step 1: Initial contact

Contact us and we tell you about the full range of options available. If you are interested, we will book you an appointment to view your property.

Step 2: Property visit

At the appointment we will explain the range of options in detail to help you choose which is right for you and discuss the potential rental income that could be achieved.

Step 3: Completing the paperwork

When you decide which option you would like to pursue, we will take you through all the required paperwork and checks.

Step 4: Property Inspection

We will carry out a final inspection, ensure that the property meets the required standards and check that all necessary paperwork is in place. If work is required, we will provide you with a schedule of works and allow you time to complete the repairs. We will undertake a comprehensive inventory where required.

Step 5: Letting your property

We will identify a suitable tenant and when the tenancy has commenced arrange for a follow up visit after two weeks to ensure that the tenant has settled in.

Step 6: On going management

Your property will be looked after by a dedicated officer and will be your point of contact.


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