Why choose ReWyre Lettings?

ReWyre Lettings would like to work with landlords who are able to offer good, quality private sector accommodation. We aim to build successful working relationships with landlords and improve the standard of private sector housing within Wyre Forest.

We recognise that landlords' properties represent a significant investment and therefore, we have developed the following approach to ensure a long and successful working relationship with landlords.

Advantages of using ReWyre Lettings

Rent deposit bond

Provides a written guarantee to cover the tenant's deposit, usually up to one month's rent. Read more about the Rent Deposit Bond.

Financial Assessment

We will complete a financial assessment and ensure that the applicant is in receipt of all eligible income to ensure that the tenancy is affordable.

Pre Tenancy Training

It is important that potential tenants have the necessary skills to make a success of the tenancy. We have developed a pre tenancy training programme which is accredited by Heart of Worcestershire College and tenants who successfully pass will receive a qualification. The short course comprises of modules covering financial, allocations and looking after the property.

Settling In Visit

We will also undertake a post tenancy visit within two weeks of the tenant moving in to the tenancy.

Ongoing tenant support

If a client requires additional support at the beginning of the tenancy we can provide on going support by experienced officers to ensure that the tenancy is sustainable.

Links with DWP

We can assist with ensuring that direct rent payments are in place where requested by liaising with the Department of Works and Pensions


Steps to letting your property